Book Ms. Tokiwa Smith


booktsmithlevelWould you like to have Ms. Tokiwa Smith at your next event or featured in your media outlet?

Ms. Tokiwa Smith has been working in education and philanthropy, with a focus on STEM education, for over 10 years. Ms. Smith has worked with organizations like Atlanta Public Schools, Georgia State University, and Spelman College just to name a few. She has served as a workshop or keynote speaker for organizations such as Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Association of Minority Health Professional Schools, California State University East Bay, Contra Costa County Office of Education, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Florida League of Middle Schools and the National Park Service.

Ms. Smith has hosted STEM events for her former employers, STEM professional societies and through her nonprofit SEM Link. She has given presentations and written several articles on STEM education as well as a book “A Guide to Hosting STEM Events” She has also been featured in several media outlets and publications such as California Science Classroom, Ebony Magazine,  NPR Tell Me More, and Scientific American for her work in STEM education.

Booking Ms. Smith for your next event or for a media appearance is a smart move. Her career has been devoted to enhancing the STEM educational experiences for youth and inspiring and preparing the next generation of STEM professionals.  If that is your organization is looking to do that or your media outlet needs to feature or have a guest with her expertise, you have come to the right place.