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Are you an organization looking to host a STEM event? If you are, then this book is for you!! A Guide for Hosting STEM events is a quick step by step guide that will walk you through the process of planning, hosting and marketing your STEM event. This guide will help you: • Determine Your Target Audience • Show you How to Select What Type of Stem event fits for your organization. • Where and How to Obtain Resources to Host the Event • How to Plan, Market and advertise the event to get the most attendees. • How to Evaluate the Impact of your Event. The guide also includes invaluable tips and exercises that will allow you to provide a memorable STEM experience for parents, teachers and the most important beneficiaries of the STEM events, the children. As a STEM educator and social entrepreneur this is the exact book I wish I had starting out 12 years ago! Having hosted STEM based events for academic institutions, community organizations, professional societies and schools, I am giving you the exact guide that I use before committing any resources to host an event . You don’t have to try figure it out on your own!

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